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Hair Fashion Cut : Sellel saidil juuksurid paljastada uue juuksed vähendamise, mis köidavad meile 2015. Tänavune programm hõlmab blonds glamuurne ja naiselik, otse teed ja hele- ja intensiivsed värvid, ühendid... 2015 juuste mood annab viis mitut tüüpi soeng seotud lühikese jaotustükid, need, mida armastatud naised igas vanuses. Probleemi lahendamiseks leidmine meeldivamad lõikamine ja mida annab õiguse nägu, areng on kõik need mitmekülgsed stiilis juuksed kärped parim proovimiseks juuksur ka, et oleks mugav oma juukseid, kui see on kuum. Juuksed kärped igihaljas minevikust, nagu kuulsa kiiver või pixie lõigatud tõrgeteta ja lühemaks lõigatud taga, tõesti nagu juukselõikus proovida, kuid uute mudelitena, turske narmad, õngejadade ja purustatud pool tassi, Tufts ja tagi (trend, et recaptures elu otse 90 välimuse) neto lateraalne ühendavaid. Vahel kärpeid juuksed Keskmine Kevad, idanevate Boule ja lõikamine Clash poisi pixie ja luues täiesti uue stiili. Esimene on vaid pixie nagu tagasi raseeritud ja lühikese pool rohkem võrastiku servad ümardatud; kõige glamuurne variant on üks net ja pikk tukk. Teine lõikamine juuksed on punk raseeritakse pool ning teine jäetakse pikk mõnel erksad ja selge juuste värvid nagu Pastell sobitada. Juuksed stilistid lühikesed juuksed kärped niikuinii, ka ettepaneku muud jaotustükid või kammimine juuksed ikka väga šikk, kuidas. Näidatakse komplekti märgade Vaata juuksed kammimata tagasi ja vasakule märg nagu hästi, nagu tukk sobitada laineline bob ja vintage stiilis vaatama lühikese jaotustükid 30 valguse lained ja väga glamuurne.

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25 Jun 18


Meghan Markle's bridal hair was designed by US hairstylist Serge Normant for John Frida. He said he created a messy bun, "but messy in a controlled way". Sergi discussed the style for the royal wedding would be the best. He added it wasn't about reinventing the wheel. "I think of icons I love, like Audrey Hepburn, all of those styles are timeless".

But, what about the industry's members say about Meghan's royal look?
Let's take a look:

Gareth Vance: "Modern hair for a modern princess. The look was understated with soft perimeter detailing. It's great to see a rejection of stiff over-styled hair for a look that works effortlessly with the simplicity of the neckline of the dress".
Charlotte Mensah: "The hair was beautiful. It really showcased her beauty. The look was unstructured, but in an eelegant way. It was lovely, organic and very classic".
Mark Woolley: "I love the softness of the hair up, it's been styled with a centre parting, hair tucked behind her ears and The Queen Mary tiara sitting perfecty on the top".
Adam Reed: "The whole look is ultra-feminine, silky and soft to contrast with her structured and fitted dress. The key to re-creating this look is to prep hair to create the ultimate base with maximum shine and gloss".
Sally Brooks: "It was simplicity at its best, not too formal and it was refreshing to see her wearing the hair, rather than the hair wearing her".
Andrew Barton: "I predict the look will become a preferred bridal trend for many brides-to-be!.
Jay Birmingham: "The few loose strands at the front of her face created an up-to-date modern bridal hairstyle which was perfect for the newly crowned Duchess of Sussex".
Cos Sakkas: "This messy bun partnered perfectly with the veil and tiara. Natural texture is a trend that is here to stay. It was all over the SS18 catwalks and has transcended onto the high street. A bride needs to feel comfortable on her big day - gone are the days when bridal hair was scraped into place and didn't move. She looked beautiful".
Suzie McGill: "Meghan's second look by Geoge Northwood was simply stunning and it was great to see that she stayed true to herself and went with a signature messy bun, which clients can easily be shown how to recreate at home".
Junior Green: "When Kate Middleton got married there was a move towards more relaxed, less structured styles. Now, Meghan cements the trend for weareble, touchable hair. Loose tendrils and celebrating natural texture are now the order of the day".
Sarah Bowron: "Meghan turned the traditional wedding chignon on its head by sporting a centre-parting and going for a more relaxed and loose feel with an elegant but modern look. The curled, soft strands framed her face adding an air of fresh romance".


22 Jun 18

Volhair APP

VOLHAIR , azienda di prodotti professionali per parrucchieri di Brescia, ti invita a scaricare la sua App!

Ora disponibile su App Store e Play Store.

L’applicazione per leggere tutti i giorni le ultime novità del fashion.

Da oggi è inoltre possibile scoprire direttamente dall’App maggiori informazioni sui prodotti VOLHAIR e richiedere la visita di un rappresentante.





Via Cassala 64, Brescia, Italy
Tel: +39 030 2939777

22 Jun 18



DIBIASEHAIR rappresenta l'eccellenza italiana nella produzione di extension per capelli.

Dagli anni '50 la famiglia DI BIASE produce e rivende extension di diverse lunghezze, colorazioni e texture tutte accomunate dall'altissima qualità della materia prima. Solo capelli umani indiani di qualità Remy, trattati affinché resistano all'acqua e di struttura rigorosamente europea.

Le extension DIBIASEHAIR si possono trattare con tinte, coloranti e permanenti.

21 Jun 18


Torna On Hair Show & Exhibition a Bologna il 25 e 26 novembre 2018. L’unico evento italiano interamente dedicato agli hairstylists ti aspetta per svelare in anteprima le tendenze del mercato, i trend e i prodotti più innovativi.

Anche quest'anno la passerella di On Hair Show ospiterà gli ITALIAN HAIRDRESSER AWARD, dedicati all'eccellenza e al talento Made in Italy, in tutte le sue più diverse forme.

Sono aperte le candidature per le 7 categorie e per il nuovo Special Award assegnato direttamente dal fotografo Stefano Guindani. On Hair premierà anche il talento e la passione dei giovani hairstylists con un premio dedicato ai professionisti che non hanno superato i 28 anni, un riconoscimento organizzato in collaborazione con Camera Italiana dell'Acconciatura.


20 Jun 18

Biddizzi App

BIDDIZZI, distributore di prodotti professionali per Parrucchieri ed Estetiste di Messina, ti invita a scaricare la sua App!

Ora disponibile su App Store e Play Store.

L’applicazione per leggere tutti i giorni le ultime novità del fashion.

Da oggi è inoltre possibile scoprire direttamente dall'App maggiori informazioni sui prodotti distribuiti da Biddizzi.





Via Consolare Antica 383, Capo d'Orlando (Messina)
Tel: +39 0941 902993

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